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Acrylic on Cardboard


Fluid acrylic inks, sprayed with an airbrush, can render finest details and tonality changes. On special cardboards they make highly detailed hyperrealistic work possible. The intensity and luminosity of the colour depends on the white of the paper, giving the thin layers of transparent and semitransparent colors their life. This is comparable to a layering technique with watercolor, there is no opaque color and this means no real chance to rework an area. So it is a technique for which nerves of steel are a "must". Naturally these techniques give you very smooth surfaces, which are not showing brushstrokes or any voluminous structure. Coated with artists acrylic lacquer and wetsanded in between, the surface is so perfect, that the production process is in no way obvious, often an irritating experience for the viewer. (This must be a photograph...)

Anyway, for realistic painters it is usually not of interest to overlay the subject of the painting with a distinctive brush structure. After all the primary purpose in realism is not structuring the planes and colours of the painting. Planes and colours are used to render a subject realistically. All effects of brushworkstructuring on the painting are secondary to the theme of the painting.
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